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  3. 本学滞在マレーシア派遣学生JDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 7月レポート

本学滞在マレーシア派遣学生JDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 7月レポート

Summer Season at University of Tsukuba (Part 1) – (Ummu, July 2019)

Peace be upon you and こんにちは, July means summer is here, the transition from Spring to Summer sees to a lot of rainy days in July. As soon as the rainy days over, the temperature increases drastically as maximum as 38 °C. July marks the end of my Spring semester, I have finished all my examinations and presentation but still have Master Project to work on. Since the classes are over, I went to Tokyo to see the metropolitan city and in conjunction with Olympic games next year 2020, (Tokyo 2020), Panasonic one of the main sponsors, held an exhibition called Sport x Manga. I had the chance to visit the exhibition as I am an anime fan myself.

LEFT: During Campur (AIMS Program) Thailand week
RIGHT: Sports x Manga at Panasonic Center inTokyo
University of Tsukuba Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Office