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  3. 本学滞在マレーシア派遣学生活動報告:Siti Hafsah Binti Zulkarnain さん

本学滞在マレーシア派遣学生活動報告:Siti Hafsah Binti Zulkarnain さん


Summer Seminar and Asakusa Samba Carnival 2019 (Siti Hafsah Zulkarnain, Sept 2019)

The Summer Seminar was a yearly event attended by Prof Tsujimura with all the students and some alumni. This two-day (24th – 25th August) program is very beneficial for all postgraduate students, held at Fukuracia Harumi Hotel, Tokyo. It gave us an opportunity to exchange ideas as a result of our research. Program preparation includes presentations, dinners and social parties among all participants.

The Asakusa Samba Carnival 2019 is an annual summer event held around Asakusa, Tokyo. The colourful dance parade and performances are very lively and involve participants of all ages. For the first time I watched this procession very excitedly, and the show continued for 5 hours in the hot weather. Everybody enjoyed it.