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  3. 本学滞在マレーシアJDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 11月レポート

本学滞在マレーシアJDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 11月レポート

Meeting the President, University of Tsukuba – (Ummu, November 2019)

Peace be upon you and こんにちは. On November 20th, I was given the privilege to attend a meeting of “Education Meeting between The President and Students” at the University Hall, University of Tsukuba. During that special occasion, the student representatives were given the chance to point out their concerns, comments, or questions regarding education to the president, Professor Nagata, himself. It was basically a dialogue session between student representatives and the president. Among the topic discussed were the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), gender equality, and the quality of education. The university is changing the graduate school system by next year to be more interdisciplinary and internationaloriented graduate school. The University of Tsukuba also provides a platform where the alumni would be able to get connected and in touch with one another through “T-Net”. Every alumnus is strongly encouraged to sign up for it as it is a great platform for networking among alumni of this university. Apart from that, I had a chance to ask the president regarding the future University of Tsukuba Malaysia branch campus. He stated that, it is approximately will be opening in 2 years-time, most probably in 2021 or 2022. He strongly motivates me to learn Japanese Language and encourages Malaysian students to spread out the word about soon to be open campus to the people of Malaysia to enrol as it is a Japanese-oriented education system which is aspired by the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as he said he hopes that, the University of Tsukuba branch campus will provide an opportunity in delivering Japanese culture and education to Malaysia.


PHOTOS: LEFT: The President of the University of Tsukuba gave his speech during the event.
      RIGHT: Afterparty of the “Education Meeting between The President and Students”