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  3. 本学滞在マレーシアJDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 12月レポート

本学滞在マレーシアJDP学生活動報告:Ummu Alyaa Hashimさん 12月レポート

Bōnenkai’ at Higano Laboratory (Ummu Alya, December 2019)

Peace be upon you and こんにちは, December marks the end of Autumn season and the starting of Winter season with the temperature dropped to between 10°C to -1 °C. All classes and finale exam ended at early of December. The academic schedule was full during the first and second weeks of December. Also, for Higano Laboratory, we held a year-end party in which in Japanese it’s called 忘年会‘Bōnenkai’.


PHOTOS:    LEFT: Winter season is starting      RIGHT: “Bonenkai” end of year party of Higano laboratory